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5th Birthday Remembrance Candle

Gratitude ~ Compassion ~ Unconditional Love

How we got to today, the day we share a special creation!

It started with the gift of an Apple tree, and to be honest at the time my thoughts were wondering how long it would take me to kill such Apple tree. Gardening was not something I had time or made time for, gardening just looked like hard work, I was wrong! Over the first year of missing Del, I watched the tree grow, I may have even had conversations with the tree – a weird thing to admit but it was like having a bitter/sweet relationship with a tree, being angry with a tree for growing and thriving yet nurturing it to grow.

Today, I love this Apple tree! We made peace, it lives and thrives and brings with it moments of shared love and growth. Maybe the two special friends that gave this to us knew it would bring peace with time.

As the anniversaries have gone by, by gosh our garden has grown and I’ve come to learn that the only work your really doing when you garden is work on yourself (well mainly), we built a remembrance garden at the base of the big old Apple tree in our backyard and for years now we just keep adding, It’s a constant work in progress and mainly because we still have no idea what were actually doing we just plant and nature and hope for the best.

We’re on a journey with no time frame, no end date but what we have found is the time to create, places to find peace, trees and plants in abundance to talk to and in most recent years the creation of Delilah’s Daze Candles.

Last year we shared with you for the first time the creation of Delilah’s Daze Candles, by releasing a signature scent in Del’s honour and this year we share with you an extension of this candle.

For Delilah’s 5th birthday/anniversary we’ve created something that we feel honours our daughter beautifully, as well as honouring personal growth. We have hand selected the crystals you find adorning the candle from our friends at The Goddess Emporium.

Rhodonite was chosen as a stone of gratitude, love and empathy. It has a joyful and uplifting energy that encourages one to engage in behaviours that help others in need. Its a great companion for anyone experiencing depression due to its soft, nurturing vibration. It aids one in discovering their true passion in life and gives one the confidence to learn new skills.

Rose Quartz was chosen as a crystal of unconditional love, carrying a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness and healing.

This years candle is housed in a light pink glass jar vessel, with a rose gold lid adorning Rhodonite and Rose Quartz. As always Del’s candles are poured with love and peace.

Organic Soy ~ 40 hour burn time ~ Ltd release
Gabrielle Phegan

Candle Creator

Small business owner. Part time creator. Full-time mom. A dreamer, a creator, a creative being.
Welcome to the world of Delilah’s Daze candles!

Delilah’s Daze candles are poured in small batches directly from our home, allowing me to create and build the dream in pockets of time.
Delilah’s Daze candles are created in loving memory of our daughter Delilah Kathleen

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