Daze, Some Daze, Most Daze. Every day is a day we think of you.

~ Delilah Kathleen ~

About Us

Delilah's Daze was born in loving and longing for just a day, just another moment in this life with someone you have loved and lost.

Delilah’s Daze is an Australian candle business based in Albury, regional NSW.

My journey with candles begun as a therapy tool, to heal from trauma. After the loss of my daughter Delilah, I needed something to hold onto, a perfect reminder, a place I could go to heal.

With the close physical connection between memory, emotion and our sense of smell, candles were the perfect therapy tool – a place I could find peace in loss and memories in scents.

Delilah’s Daze is about more than just pouring candles, the smell of something can trigger a detailed memory, even an intense emotion and my hope is that with every candle purchase, you’re transported to that place, and with every candle, your memories come to light.

Organic Soy Wax
Delilah’s Daze sources innovative plant-based waxes to provide clean burning candles. Soy waxes burn more evenly, allowing minimal wastage and extended burn times. We use an Organic Soy Wax, that is Sustainable, Vegan Friendly and Biodegradable.

Hand Poured

Local to Albury – Regional NSW, Delilah’s Daze hand pours every candle in small batches direct from a small home studio and kitchen.
Each candle is poured with love and gratitude.

Fragrance Specialist

Have you ever walked into a home, a business, a room and have immediately been taken on a sensory journey? Today, the aromas of our homes and offices are my business. Scent branding is in style across a range of industries, as well as in our homes. Hotels, Spa’s, Beauty Salons, Real Estates are just a few examples of businesses using a signature scent to create a point of contact (with your senses), and creating a gentle reminder of their experience with you.

Start to think about your brand in a new way, consider how a signature scent could differentiate your branding emotionally and memorably in a crowded market, consider how scent could play a role in creating a powerful first impression for your customers.   

Candles for every moment

Home, Gifting, Business, Wedding, Event, Dinner Party, there is a candle for any occasion. Please use the contact us page for larger or bulk quantities and pricing.

Delilah’s Daze uses a range of sizing to meet all your candle needs. Each jar candle comes with a timber lid and is gift boxed.

TEA LIGHTS – approximately 8 hours burn time.
MEDIUM JAR – approximately 33 hours burn time.
LARGE JAR – approximately 40 hours burn time.
EXTRA LARGE JAR – approximately 60 hours burn time.


Need to raise valuable funds?

A Candle Drive is a popular way to fundraise all year round.

Helping individuals and groups in our community reach their fundraising goals supports the ideology of Delilah’s Daze – to give back to the local community in which we live.

Are a local school, sporting group, charity, community event or individual looking for a simple yet profitable fundraising opportunity?


Customized Branding