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“The Hustle behind the Hustle”

Small Biz – WOWZER’s it’s a ride, but it’s a ride I/We proudly take.

While I take you behind the scenes of my brand Delilah’s Daze to explore “the hustle behind the hustle” i’ll also be paying homage’ to some local women also on the small biz ride.

I’m certain this has happened to everyone at some point?

You walk into a home, a business, a room and your immediately taken on a sensory journey with fragrance.

With the close physical connection between memory, emotion and our sense of smell, using a signature scent or scents that embody your brand can create a point of contact and a gentle reminder of their experience with you.

Considering the powerful first impression a scent can make, and as a means of differentiating branding in crowded markets, I got to work on creating bespoke branded candles for some super rad humans and amazing local business women.

They’re girls with minds, women with attitudes and ladies that now have their very own branded range of Organic Soy Candles!


The Precinct Instagram

The Precinct Facebook

If you have not booked in at this salon, please do!

I know many of us have a hairdresser that we love, but the last few months I’v been taking advantage of a wash and blowave with Charlotte, just to make me feel good and my hair feel clean. The majority of the time I’m getting around in my #ladietradie get-up, covered in paint and sanding dust and somehow its all made better with that extra long scalp massage with the team at The Precinct!

If you are in the market for a new hairdresser, seriously check out the girls socials (links provided above), Britney is the foil queen and if your looking for a complete hair transformation, a good old “Glow Up” look no further than the owner herself, Megan!

Body Beautiful Jindera Website

Body Beautiful Instagram

Body Beautiful Facebook

LASH QUEEN ALERT. If I am ever asked for a recommendation for lashes, that answer just rolls of the tongue.

You need Taryn of Body Beautiful Jindera in your life!

You will not believe what this woman has made out of an extremely small space being part of the Jindera Hair Salon. Not only does she do incredible lashes, her beauty spa also has an infrared sauna with full bathroom amenities (heaven) aaaaaaand with years and years of knowledge and experience in all facets of skin, Taryns definitely your girl for corrective and relaxation treatments with all the products you also need at home. A true believer in skin science with the product knowledge to meet your skincare needs.

Check out the links provided to get to know Taryn and her business a little more, I also highly recommend a sauna….its like a big warm cuddle (with health benefits)

H x K Facebook

H x K Instagram

It all started here! I wanted to find a way to thank Kortney. This amazing human, just has your back.

Our relationship started a few years ago while we were painting the interior as part of some home renovations and its just kicked on from there.

Kortney is the queen of word of mouth and promoting other local business’s, my business was opened up to opportunities this year all because Kortney took the time to mention my range of candles to the right peeps at the right time and just has that ability to connect locals to locals.

Did I mention, Kortney is my “hairapist” who also has styling nailed! Events, bridal trials, weddings – she is your go to, check out HxK social links above to see the amazing work this girl creates.

Why do I refer to all this as “the hustle behind the hustle” it’s simple, small business is hard work!

It’s navigating through unprecedented times, it’s pivoting (which feels more like jazz dancing…with jazz hands), it’s showing up everyday and constantly searching for ways to sometimes just break even.

This part of my business is full circle, it’s a way for me to support other small businesses while supporting myself with a little extra hustle.

I know people bang on about it, but it’s a very true story…

“Way’s you can support your friends in small biz”

Pay full price!

Buy a retail product! (We all have candles & more)

Leave a review!

Give a shout out!

Share their posts, tag your tribe!

Like and comment! (I mean you did look at it)

It keeps the dream alive and the hustle real!

Gabrielle Phegan

Candle Creator

Small business owner. Part time creator. Full-time mom. A dreamer, a creator, a creative being.
Welcome to the world of Delilah’s Daze candles!

Delilah’s Daze candles are poured in small batches directly from our home, allowing me to create and build the dream in pockets of time.
Delilah’s Daze candles are created in loving memory of our daughter Delilah Kathleen

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